The health and safety of our guests and team members at The Trident Hotel and Castle is of the utmost importance. In complying with Jamaica Public Health (Tobacco Control Regulations Act 2018), that prohibits smoking or holding a lit or electronic product in enclosed spaces, The Trident Hotel and Castle strictly prohibits smoking in the following areas:

  • All guest rooms/villas
  • Public spaces including our Terrace or Verandah restaurant
  • Enclosed public areas
  • Enclosed workplaces

The Trident Hotel and Castle respectfully requests smoking only in the following external designated areas:

  • Your private villa patio
  • The Trident Hotel Lobby
  • The Trident Hotel’s beach,
  • The Trident Hotel’s Infinity Pool
  • The Trident Castle outdoor lawn spaces

Violation to the above stated policy will be subject to the following appropriate corrective actions:

  • A fine of US$250.00 will be charged for smoking in guest rooms/villas
  • Non-employees who violate this policy will be prohibited from accessing the hotel’s premises
  • Employees will be disciplined accordingly, up to and including the termination of employment

There are no exceptions for this policy.

Dwight Powell
General Manager